Hang dartboard? That’s how you do it!

How do you hang your dartboard well at once? Without getting a hammer on your fingers or your wall full of holes? ? “Measuring is knowing”

We’ll do the right distance from the dartboard and determine the right height of the dartboard in this way:


The distance from the front of the dartboard to the front of the oche (throwing line) is 2.37 m.

QB Darts-blog-dartbordhoogte-afstand

(Bron: www.dartshopper.nl)

Step 1: Turn the dartboard on the ground against the wall.
Step 2: Measure in a straight line over the ground from the front of the dartboard 2.37 m off.
Step 3: Draw the 2.37 m on the ground.
Step 4: Mark this distance with an oche, dart mat or tape.

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The distance from the ground to the center of the bull’s eye is 1.73 m.
At this height, the bull’s eye hangs at eye level for someone of 1.83 m.

Step 1: Determine the right hang height.

  • If you play on an increase, measure the thickness of this and add this to the 1.73 m
  • Is your floor running up or off? Take an Ochemate (prick in the middle of the bull’s eye) to measure from the bull’s eye to the drop-off line 2.93 m (see image distance).

Step 2: Measure with a roller size from the ground to the centre of the bull’s eye.
Step 4: Check with an Ochemate if the distance is correct (2.93 m from throwing line to center bull’s eye (in case of a rising floor very useful).

There are several suspension systems in the market.

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Bron: www.dartswarehouse.nl

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No problem, there are solutions for that.

QB Darts-blog-dartbordhoogte-Draagbare dartbordstand

Draagbare dartbordstand
(Bron: www.darts-zaak.nl)

QB Darts-blog-dartbordhoogte-Draagbare dartbordkast

Draagbare dartbordkast
(Bron: www.garypools.net)

What accessories are possible of added value for you when putting up your dartboard and preparing the dart space?

Don’t you want to damage the floor? Then go looking for a dart mat. Many brands offer these, also with Oche. Not all mats are reliable, so be critical or mount this mat on a lower plate that the arrows don’t pass through.

Lighting around your dartboard?
There are several options for this:

  • Unicorn solar system, this one clamps around your plate. You have good light and no shade.
  • Bull’s Termote LED systemm, it comes around your surround and features a dimmer.
  • Winmau magnetic light pods, with magnet easy to attach between surround and dartboard.
  • Target Vision 360 lighting system, , around the board 125 LED lights so shade is a thing of the past.
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