Dart tips to get the most out of yourself

“Aha, that’s what the dart box is for,” were my first words when I threw my first arrow next to the board and in the cabinet. “Where can I getdart tips ?”, I joked.

My first dart experience was especially very cozy, in the café with friends. My will to get better brought me to the following questions. Where can I improve myself and how do I do that? Darting is more than technique alone, I noticed when I played my first final 301 against a friend. Where did those nerves come from? He’s my buddy anyway, and the stakes were a round. How can it get better? Or rather, how can I get better? How am I going to learn to play darts?

To learn better darts I started looking for the dart tips and tricks. And yes, our sport is more than throwing a dart…

Dart tips and tricks;

Look at good players; What has brought them to this? Analyze their dart posture and behavior. How’s their dart grip and dart technique? Take the possible areas of improvement and try it out. When this is a movement/attitude, take the time to get used to it. You can’t swim right away, can you? Sharpen sullen and reduce the variables. Always doing the same thing is the key.


How can I best hold my dart arrows? There are many different dart grips. Below are some examples you can experiment with to find out how to hold your dart arrows.

QB Darts-blog-dart tips-dartgreep1
QB Darts-blog-dart tips-dartgreep2
QB Darts-blog-dart tips-dartgreep3

(Bron: www.nicedarts.com)

There is no such thing as a good or bad dart handle. As long as you try to grab the arrow at the same height. To be sure of this, the QB One was designed. A dart grip depends on several points: the type of barrel (the part of the dart where you grab the arrow) and the positioning of the fingers. Choose the way you like the most enjoyable. By using the QB One, you can be sure that you always hold the arrow at the same height.


Make sure you’re in balance and your shoulder, elbow and hand are pointed at the board. Your body and especially shoulders relax. Throw yourself with the right, then put your right foot first. The left-handers put their left foot ahead. Always stay with two feet grounded, we want to rule out the variables.

For more information on dart arrows to hold and technique check:
www.nicedarts.com and www.darts.stebra.nl

And check out this video: ‘How to throw like a pro: darts tips’

  • Use different exercises; Grinding movements is important, as is a smooth check-out. Check out the dutch Darts Federation’s website for challenging darts games and darts exercises.
  • Dealing with tension; Don’t think about winning and losing. Teach yourself to control your thoughts. What thoughts are you going to help, support and trust? You create a positive mindset yourself! More on this: www.beware-darts.nl
  • Look up the confrontation; Go into the game with someone at a darts club or café. People have different styles, different behaviors and perhaps a different level. How do you deal with that? Let slow darts players get you out of your game, or does it motivate you to make them?
  • Are you a good servant? This can help you make quick decisions during the game without having to get out of your focus. Make sure you can dream the rules before you raise yourself as a counter. By writing/counting as a servant in competitions, you develop this under time pressure.

    There are several ways to keep track of the scores. We advise: train your main arithmetic. You can do this by, for example, doing math exercises on:


  • You can track the darts score in different ways:

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body; research at Erasmus has shown that the best darts players do not have the best technique in advance, but the best timing. When are you going to let go of the arrow? This can be trained, by practicing a lot. Make sure you feel fit and comfortable in your skin. This helps with your response speed.

  • Do you want to see how far you can get? To make it to the darts top, two points are very important: make sure you have a big time investment (www.topsportbrein.nl), with talent only you don’t get there. In addition, the following Directive:

    “winners never quit, quitters never win”.


Do you have any useful dart tips? Let us know and email us.

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